PT Pertamina EP Cepu “Legal Preventive Program: Business Judgment Rule”

Our Senior Partner and Head of Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice Group, Melati Siregar, and our associate, Ramadinan Saptara, were invited to speak in “Legal Preventive Program: Business Judgment Rule,” a training program hosted by Pertamina EP Cepu for its management.


Melati and Ramadinan discussed the litigation and enforcement aspects of the “business judgment rule” under the Indonesian Company Law, focusing on how judicial interpretation of the rule in notable cases has influenced corporate governance practices in Indonesia, particularly among state-owned enterprises and their subsidiaries. The team also shared their experience in white-collar and corporate investigations and spoke about conceptual developments of the business judgment rule that are affecting recent trends in anti-corruption enforcement.


The audience engaged in a lively Q&A session exploring the real-life application of the business judgment rule and how management can formulate prudent and effective solutions to actual situations being faced in the field.


It is always a pleasure to exchange insights and new perspectives with our valued clients!


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