Why is UMBRA Different?

Despite still being in our infancy as our brand was officially established in November 2017, UMBRA has demonstrated an unprecedented growth in Indonesian legal industry. Starting with only 3, we now house 30 dedicated and talented lawyers with some being recognized in prominent international legal directories as notable practitioners and highly regarded leading lawyers. In less than 10 months, we have handled at least 100 deals with a total value of more than US$7.5 billion, representing a strong base of clients consisting of major state-owned enterprises and local and international private corporations.


In September 2018, we made history as the youngest Indonesian law firm to ever receive 11 nominations from Asian Legal Business – Thomson Reuters, including: (i) Projects, Energy and Infrastructure Law Firm of the Year, (ii) Real Estate & Construction Law Firm of the Year, (iii) Rising Law Firm of the Year, (iv) Transactional Boutique Law Firm of the Year, (v) Indonesian Deal Law Firm of the Year, and (vi) Indonesian Law Firm of the Year, putting our brand in a category usually reserved for powerhouse law firms that have stood for dozens of years or decades.


We trust that these accolades can only be achieved and maintained by offering a radically different set of value propositions to our esteemed clients. We are pleased to offer you with these 7 value propositions. They reflect our commitment and passion in providing the best service experience to our clients that born from our core belief that no law firm can be ever successful without the trust and support of their clients.


  • In UMBRA, having deep knowledge of the law is not something to be proud of, it is elementary. To become a fully qualified lawyer, one must have strong commercial instincts and broad industrial knowledge. Incorporating these three core skills into our lawyers, we provide you with a legal service that truly understands how your business works.


  • “Getting things done” is embedded in our DNA. We disdain those who can only come up with problems and fail to provide alternative solutions. We pride ourselves for putting Strategic Legal Solutions behind our name and are committed at all times to help our clients solving their toughest problems in the most efficient way.


  • We always choose to have a long term relationship with our clients. Indeed, most of our major clients are those who have worked with our lawyers for more than a decade. Having such strong relationship enables us to always see the bigger picture of our clients needs and to offer our advice correspondingly, anticipating their concerns even before they materialize.


  • There are no silos in UMBRA, no firm within a firm. We work as a team and we ensure that each lawyer delivered to our clients is the right one given the clients objectives. Each of our partners have their own specific set of skills that support each other, allowing us to provide a seamless and integrated legal service from start till the end.


  • We are not shy from using technology and we happily invest in incorporating the newest technology available to support our legal service, including cloud management service and artificial intelligence software for reading and analyzing huge database of documents.


  • We adore simplicity in whatever we do. We know that an advice that is not understandable by our client is a useless one while at the same time we realize that important details should not be sacrificed for the sake of making things less sophisticated. In short, we practice the following motto: “everything must be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”


  • We love what we do. No value propositions work if those who preach them have no interest to actually implement them. With work-life integration as our mantra, we bring a set of lawyers who genuinely believe that providing the best legal service in town is a goal worthy of our time and efforts.