Long before we established UMBRA back in 2017, the founders already had a vision of a different kind of law firm, a firm that would be strong enough to face the complex challenge brought by the age of disruption and innovation. To do so, we need an exceptional team of lawyers. If you are one, here we set out 10 reasons why you should work at UMBRA:


  • Our deals are exciting. We do not fear complexity and challenges, we embrace them and we always aim high in getting major deals from our esteemed clients since we are confident with our skills and are fully equipped to assist them.¬†You will be challenged and your limits may be tested, but we can promise that you will never be bored.


  • Our training program is first class. We have more than a decade of experience in developing and running systematic training program for lawyers and fresh graduates. We understand that lawyers are the most essential assets of a law firm and have no issue to invest our time and money to grow the best talents in the market.


  • Our philosophy of great client service is simple, we get things done. Being pragmatic and strategic in all aspects of our legal service is therefore a must, and we will ensure that each of our lawyers will be accustomed to this important attitude. Knowing the law only is never sufficient if you wish to be a leading lawyer.


  • Unless specifically requested by our clients, we eliminate billable hours from most of our deals, and thus less timesheets. We believe that value creation should be based on the end results of our work products instead of merely the time spent doing such work. It is all about the intensity and tenacity of your efforts in serving the best interests of our clients.


  • Our coaching is constant. We seriously view that annual evaluation is a waste of time and paperwork. You will work closely with your supervisors and we will mentor you so that you could become the next successors of UMBRA. Our doors are always open whenever you need advice or consultation about your career and working life.


  • We are radically open in giving feedback to our lawyers. We trust that the best feedback is an honest feedback as we want our talents to grow together with us knowing precisely at all times the skills that they must learn and improve in order to have a successful career in UMBRA.


  • We eliminate client credits and introduce matter credits. In laymen terms, it means that no partner may claim a client solely for himself simply because he is the one who brought that client in the first place. We are still young and energetic, and we want to create a system which will motivate our partners to work hard in building UMBRA as an institution while encourage our lawyers to build their own clients base from the early days of their career.


  • We work as a team and treat our lawyers as collaborators, not competitors. We have no issue promoting our associates to our clients and reputable legal directories as long as they meet our standards of excellence. After all, we sincerely believe that the synergy of our combined expertise is critical to our plan of making UMBRA as a leading law firm in Indonesia. United we stand!


  • As we said above, our partners are young, ambitious, and energetic. But more importantly, we are egalitarian. The fact that we are older or more senior than you does not mean that we demand to be treated like kings. Age does not matter in UMBRA, your actual contribution to the team does. Walk the talk and we promise that you will not be disappointed.


  • We adopt the work-life integration approach in running our practice. We are flexible in office hours, but we demand our lawyers to be fully contactable at all time and to always deliver their work on time wherever they are.


To sum it up, our ultimate goal is to create lawyers that are not only highly capable in terms of skills but are also deeply passionate about their profession. We trust that a successful team must share the same vision and mission from day one and we are keen to find people that share the same view with us. If you always dream to become a lawyer and have the guts to embrace this challenging but exciting kind of life style, UMBRA is your place to go!