Indonesia & SE Asia 8th Annual International Arbitration & Corporate Crime Summit

It was a pleasure for Melati Siregar, our Senior Partner from the Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution team, to speak in a grand panel at the Indonesia & SE Asia: 8th Annual International Arbitration & Corporate Crime Summit, organized by LEGAL PLUS Global, on 29 September, in Jakarta.

The topic was “Managing Shareholder and Exit Disputes in Asia-Pacific,” and the panel was moderated by John Rainbird (Counsel, Allen & Overy) and consisted of distinguished speakers Dr. Anangga W. Roosdiono (Chairman, BANI Arbitration Center), Chris Mainwaring-Taylor (Partner, Allen & Overy), and Tony Budidjaja (Managing Partner, Budidjaja International Lawyers).

The panel discussed various issues relating to shareholder and exit disputes, including the causes, mechanisms for resolution (such as negotiation, mediation, med-arb, and arbitration, depending on the nature of the dispute and goal of the parties), and what to consider to smoothly resolve shareholder disputes or achieve a clean exit. In addition, Melati also touched upon additional angles outside of arbitration and ADR, namely project company level dispute resolution processes and corporate crimes. While shareholders may have agreed to resolve their disputes through arbitration or ADR, in practice it is at times inevitable for the dispute, especially at the project company level, to also involve courts and spill into possible criminal liability.

It was a delightful session. Thank you again Legal Plus for the opportunity. Hope the discussion was impactful for the audience.

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