Winning an industrial relations dispute for a garment factory of a global fashion retailer

We are delighted to announce the recent success of our Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution team in representing a garment factory of a global fashion retailer in an industrial relations dispute.


Before we took on the case, the plaintiffs had publicly stated that this was a “slam dunk” case and our client was preparing for the worst. Like we always do, we scrutinized every little detail of the case and considered all possible angles.


Despite the challenges, our team, led by Melati Siregar and Liyanto Wijaya, with support from Nikki Krisadtyo, Insan Fernaldi, and Abdul Jabar, managed to secure a favorable decision for our client. We managed to convince the court to dismiss the case on procedural grounds and managed to present an arguable case. Huge congratulations to our client for the win!