Announcement: Melati Siregar and Poppy Cut Rahmasuci as our New Senior Partner

We are excited to start 2021 by announcing the ascension of Melati Siregar and Poppy Cut Rahmasuci to UMBRA’s Senior Partnership!


In UMBRA, we believe that the penultimate test for lawyers is not only about being smart and strategic in tailoring advices (this is of course an indispensable quality, but it is elementary in this competitive industry); rather, it’s about having the skills to run their own practice group and make it a successful and profitable one. Lawyers are essentially entrepreneurs and it is the task of a law firm to provide a supportive environment that could enable their lawyers to meet such real life test. So, congratulations to Melati and Poppy! We look forward to bringing UMBRA to even greater heights with the support of dedicated lawyers like you both!


Separately, with this promotion, we now have a total of 3 women out of 8 Senior Partners. Given the current composition of female lawyers that represent 64% of our pool of 50 lawyers, we expect that female’s representation in the partnership will soon catch up, a very much welcome development! In an industry that is not known of being particularly supportive to women’s career, we are proud to disrupt such entrenched trend. Cheers to female leadership!