Webinar – ADR for Construction Disputes in Indonesia: Growth, Challenges, and Opportunities

Construction work requires specific skills and long-term commitment, and involves many parties. Because of that, construction work will never be free of troubles, and an efficient dispute resolution method is essential to obtain the best resolution. With this background, the Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC) took the initiative to discuss the topic in a webinar, titled “ADR for Construction Disputes in Indonesia: Growth, Challenges, and Opportunities” where the issue was also discussed from the perspective of Malaysian law, specifically on the viability of statutory adjudication.


Mediator and Senior Advisor of the Indonesian Mediation Centre, Raymond Lee, Arbitrator at BANI Arbitration Centre and PAMI, Ahmad Rizal, and the Senior International Case Counsel at AIAC, Albertus Aldio Primadi, shared their views on the respective dispute resolution method, which was moderated by Melati Siregar, Partner of UMBRA Strategic Legal Solutions.


Not only the discussions went lively, but it was also enriched from the participants’ views that came from various countries. UMBRA is glad to be part of the event and truly hope that the discussions can greatly contribute to develop an effective and efficient dispute resolution in construction projects.


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