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Our service covers:

Signing a deal is just the beginning of extracting value from technology transactions. Even the most balanced transaction will not yield maximum benefits unless it is properly managed.


We help support companies to get the most out of their technology agreements through contract management, assessments to determine whether relationships are working properly and resolving issues quickly and efficiently.


Our expertise enables us to provide unsurpassed know-how around technology requirements.

What we can offer

Combined expertise

We have extensive experience in complex, multi-jurisdictional technology transactions. Our lawyers posses a deep and sophisticated understanding of the unique features of technology agreements and how they interplay with dynamic global regulatory requirements.

Technology disputes

When a technology contract is not working as it should or is threatened with action for breach of contract, companies need advisors who apply their thorough understanding of technologies and industry trends to resolve successfully disputes. We provide our expertise to companies to help by advising on contract deliverables, the best means of enforcing rights, governance issues and terminating and/or renegotiating contractual arrangements.

Technology procurement

We help providers and buyers of technology to negotiate cutting-edge procurement contracts. Our long-standing team provide expertise on deal structuring, contract governance and contract management.


Our service covers:

We help companies launch new products, services and business models across geographic boundaries.


We have advised on numerous complex transactions in the digital media industry, along with advising on the nascent edge of content distribution technologies impacting on that sector.


This means that we have a unique understanding of the interactive entertainment markets across the world, along with the cultural issues and challenges associated with doing business globally.


Our expert digital media team brings together technology, intellectual property, commercial, corporate, competition and disputes specialists to advise on complex, cross-border transactions and commercial matters.


Our sector specific experience includes work on numerous high-profile, high-value transactions in the digital media industry.

What we can offer

Interactive entertainment

Our interactive entertainment services include advice on the developing and publishing of content, negotiating and drafting industry-specific contracts, advising on gaming including rating laws and regulations and devising and implementing strategies to protect intellectual property.

Content and content delivery

We continue to be involved in ground-breaking developments, helping rights holders, companies looking to exploit content (such as broadcasters, telecommunications companies and ISPs) and those providing the infrastructure to enable the delivery of content.

Broadcasting and transmission

Our experts have valuable experience of broadcasting and transmission. With deep knowledge of the digital sector and its related issues, we help companies with their innovative and dynamic offerings.

Digital media corporate transactions

With a strong reputation for corporate transactions and our team of specialists, we can provide expert advice to digital media companies on all aspects of corporate law, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, joint ventures and strategic alliances – as well as reorganisations and corporate governance.

Contentious digital media

Our digital media specialists represent clients in the contentious and pre-contentious stages of all forms of media disputes. We are particularly focused on the content/technology interface where difficult questions often arise.

Crisis and reputation management

We advise companies in crisis situations where the management of reputation is of crucial importance. We assist by helping to avoid or minimize media crises. By providing a seamless service between legal and public relations professionals, we help to balance the often competing demands of key stakeholders.


Our service covers:

We provide the full scope of services that sophisticated telecommunications  companies expect, including advice on:


  • Licensing and regulatory matters
  • Internet issues
  • Sector-specific dispute resolution
  • Tax issues
  • Labor law
  • Competition & antitrust
  • Privacy & data protection
  • Commercial contracts

What we can offer

Regulatory telecoms

We advise fixed line carriers, mobile operators, MVNOs and ISPs on cutting edge regulatory issues in an increasingly sophisticated and competitive telecoms market.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators

Our team advises MVNO operators on issues including structuring operations, negotiating contract terms, ensuring arrangements coordinate with carrier agreements and assessing the international implications of transactions, particularly if they will be replicated in other jurisdictions.

Network sourcing and infrastructure sharing networks

Network sourcing and infrastructure sharing are increasingly popular strategies for many operators as they struggle to expand their coverage and make funds available for new services and products. Our deep bench of experts has extensive experience in executing successful infrastructure and sourcing projects.