State-Owned Enterprises

Our lawyers have been working with many state-owned enterprises in Indonesia covering the area of infrastructure, telecommunication, transportation, ports, manufacturing, finance, securities, power, energy, mining, and oil & gas. Indeed, some of our largest clients are Indonesian state-owned enterprises. Not only that we highly value our relationships with these companies, we also pride ourselves in our deep understanding of state-owned enterprises’ unique corporate culture.


Being a state-owned enterprise subjects such company and its management team to greater regulatory scrutiny that is not normally applicable to Indonesian private entities. Our strong experience in handling numerous state-owned enterprises and its subsidiaries allows us to provide a one-stop solution for ensuring compliance with those standards. Given the fact that this field is heavily regulated, we also assist and provide technical support for our state-owned entity clients in discussing proposed amendments to and/or issuance of regulations which may affect their business activities with relevant government officials of Indonesia.


Furthermore, our relationship with multiple state-owned entities provides us with the opportunity to connect our clients in order to increase the synergy and coordination among state-owned entities and between these companies with local and international private entities.

Our service covers:

  • Compliance with specific regulations in the field of state-owned enterprises
  • Analysis on inter-sectoral regulations applicable for stated-owned enterprises
  • Review of procurement process
  • Good Corporate Governance advisory
  • Drafting for internal corporate policies
  • Assistance and support for regulatory drafting and focus group discussion

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