Mining & Metals

Indonesian archipelago is rich in terms of natural resources. The country has huge mines of gold, copper, coal, tin and other minerals from Sumatera in the west to Papua in the east. However, investing in mining industry in Indonesia is challenging. Various implementing regulations and unpredicted amendments thereto as well as uncertain government policies are common issues in mining industry.


Fortunately, in addition to having a comprehensive knowledge in mining regulations, we know how things work in Indonesia. We also have good relations with authorities and therefore have access to immediately know and understand any changes to regulations and policies in mining industry. With our knowledge, expertise, and experience, we will be your trusted advisor in getting your sophisticated transactions in mining industry in Indonesia done.

Our service covers:

  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate law
  • Due diligence
  • Employment and labor requirements
  • Environmental compliance, permitting and licensing
  • Infrastructure
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Mineral sales and marketing arrangements
  • Mining projects
  • Project finance

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