PT Pertamina Training & Consulting “Prime III Directorship Program 2023”

Our Managing Partner and Head of M&A, Restructuring, and Special Situations Practice Group, Pramudya A. Oktavinanda recently spoke in “Prime III: Directorship Program” hosted by PT Pertamina Training & Consulting for members of the board of directors and senior management of Pertamina Group.


Titled “The Role of Directors: Duties, Responsibility & Legal Obligations, Risk & Investment, Audit, NR, Stakeholder & Communication”, Pram discussed the importance of business judgment rules concept as the primary basis for company management’s responsible and effective decision-making, especially in the context of running state-owned enterprises and their subsidiaries business activities.


With his extensive experience in managing various major state-owned enterprise groups and taking into account numerous case studies, Pram explored both the theoretical and practical dimensions of striking a balance between exercising prudent business judgment and taking appropriate business risks to assist board of directors from state-owned enterprise groups in facing the dilemma of carrying out potentially profitable business decisions under the shadow of criminal liabilities when things go south.


It is a pleasure indeed to participate in these knowledge-sharing sessions and we look forward to engaging in other future discussions at the crossroads of law, governance, and business acumen!


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Pramudya A. Oktavinanda
Managing Partner