Seminar Nasional Pengurangan Emisi GRK dan Peluang Perdagangan Karbon di Indonesia

Amidst emerging attention to carbon trading in Indonesia, our Head of Securities and Corporate Compliance Practice Group, Ahmad Zakaria was invited as a speaker at the national seminar, “Pengurangan Emisi GRK dan Peluang Perdagangan Karbon di Indonesia,” organized by the Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan) and World Bank in Jambi from September 18th to 19th, 2023.


During this highly anticipated seminar, Ahmad Zakaria provided insights on two critical areas: (i) the potential development of carbon trading through carbon exchange following the issuance of POJK 14/2023 and SEOJK 12/2023, and (ii) critical legal considerations related to the verification and validation of carbon units.


He also shared his insightful recommendations to implement the principles and best practice of capital market system into the regulatory framework and implementation of carbon trading. The recommendations constructed based on his polished capital market expertise have provided a fresh and yet practical point of view on the future of carbon trading and fostered engaging and interactive discussions with the participants.


It was truly inspiring to witness the significant interest and enthusiasm from various stakeholders regarding the implementation of POJK 14/2023 and SEOJK 12/2023 in light of the immense potential for carbon trading development in Indonesia.


We are hopeful that the discussion was insightful for all participants of the seminar.


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Ahmad Zakaria
Senior Partner