PLN and USAID Workshop: Power Procurement Capacity Building

We are pleased to participate in a workshop titled ” Power Procurement Capacity Building ” held by PLN and USAID, through Sustainable Energy for Indonesia’s Advancing Resilience (SINAR), in Makassar 21st-23rd of August 2023.


With the support from our Head of Power and Infrastructure Senior Partner Kirana Sastrawijaya, our associates Angela Vania Rustandi and Yorda Lazuardi discussed in depth the electricity purchase procurement for renewable power plants after the issuance of Presidential Regulation No. 112 of 2022 and lessons learned from the preparation of the Request of Proposal (RFP) and negotiation of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) of a recent large-scale wind power project in Indonesia.


On the second day, we had the opportunity to visit Jeneponto Wind Power Plant, the second wind farm in Indonesia. We delved deep into the intricacies of building, running, and maintaining a wind power plant – providing us with profound insights into the non-legal aspects of wind power development.


Thank you, USAID, and PLN. We hope this workshop gave meaningful insight to the participants for future power project development in Indonesia. We look forward to making greater contributions in the future!


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Kirana D. Sastrawijaya
Senior Partner