Seminar TERM BLS FHUI 2023: Downstream Business Process in Indonesia’s Nickel and Mining Industry

It brings us great pleasure to share that our Senior Associate, Ferin Chairysa, was invited as a speaker at the “Training on the Law of Energy and Mineral Resources (TERM) 2023” event, organized by the Business Law Society of Universitas Indonesia’s Faculty of Law.


Ferin delivered an insightful discourse on the intricate topic of “Downstream Business Process in Indonesia’s Nickel and Mining Industry.” This platform provided Ferin with the opportunity to delve deep into the legal frameworks governing the nickel and mining industry, fostering a richer comprehension of the industry’s dynamics. Her expertise not only offered valuable knowledge but also sparked thought-provoking discussions among the enthusiastic students in attendance.


As a law firm committed to pushing the boundaries of legal knowledge, UMBRA takes great pride in Ferin’s contribution to this event. We extend our sincere appreciation to the Business Law Society for inviting us to be a part of this insightful discourse, and the opportunity to engage in this intellectual exchange and offer progressive insights within this space.


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