ALB Asia’s Top 15 M&A Lawyers

This June, we are thrilled to announce yet another remarkable milestone for our Managing Partner, Pramudya A. Oktavinanda!


We proudly celebrate Pram’s achievement as he has been selected as one of Asia’s Top 15 M&A Lawyers for 2023 by Asian Legal Business (ALB). The list celebrates 15 of Asia’s best dealmakers who possess exceptional practical experience and demonstrate the drive to propel deal-making to new heights of success and get deals through!


Pram’s inclusion in this list serves as a resounding testament to his passionate and intense dedication to his craft, being the youngest lawyer in Asia to earn this spot since the introduction of the ranks back in 2021. Furthermore, with this recognition, he has already earned triple accolades so far this year by also being listed in ALB Asia Super 50 TMT Lawyers and Asia Business Law Journal Indonesia’s Top 100 Lawyers!


We are especially pleased to receive numerous recommendations and comments from our loyal clients during Pram’s nomination which include:

“Some lawyers can only read the law as it is and fail to apply that knowledge to debottleneck their client’s problem, but Pak Pram is anything but that. His pragmatic approach is par excellence and his imaginative, yet compliant solutions always ensure that I can sleep well every night.”


“He is a tough negotiator, relentless, and will do whatever he can to protect our interest without pushing the counterparts to the edge. I consider this as the most important quality that our lawyers should have as finding compromise is key in our deals, especially those that involved bidding process, where we must find the perfect balance between getting a good deal for the company while still looking attractive to the seller compared to our competitors.”


“This is why we appreciate Pak Pram’s skills as our lawyer. Not only that he can find the right solution, he has a rare ability to convince all parties involved to believe that such solution would work to their best interest.”

“… more importantly, he also has a can-do and dare-to-try attitude, willing to challenge status quo, while providing legal basis why the transaction is ok to be done. Simply put, he is the real deal, and I won’t do a transaction unless he says that it is legally fine to do so.”


Pram’s presence on the list speaks volumes about his commitment to delivering exceptional legal service for our clients. His profound grasp of complex mergers and acquisitions consistently opens doors to transformative deals with a lasting impact. Factors such as his noteworthy track record of successfully handling deals and strong client recommendations, all contribute to highlighting his unmatched skills in navigating intricate M&A transactions.


Our deepest gratitude to our clients for their unwavering trust and support that enable our lawyers and firms to earn all of these awards and accolades. It has been a pleasure indeed!


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Pramudya A. Oktavinanda
Managing Partner