Hukumonline’s NeXGen Lawyers 2023 – Leanna Leonardo

We are delighted to announce that our very own Leanna Leonardo has been selected as Hukumonline’s new generation NeXGen lawyer for 2023! This year’s theme, “The Future of Women Lawyers: Preparing for Technology’s Next Level” highlights the importance of adapting to rapid technological developments while ensuring adequate protection for clients. Leanna is a shining example of a legal practitioner who has successfully navigated this complex landscape.


Leanna recognizes our increasing dependence on technology, particularly during the pandemic, and believes that legal practitioners must adapt to new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. She emphasizes the importance of embracing change and adapting to new circumstances to stay competitive. As Leanna puts it, “It really comes down to the ability to adapt from each of us. Don’t fight the changes, embrace it, and adapt.”


We are proud to witness the growth of our young lawyers and confident that their skills and determination will help shape the future of the legal industry. The future of our lawyers is bright, and we are excited to see the innovative ideas that will come from this new generation of legal professionals. Once again, congratulations to Leanna for being named the NeXGen Lawyer for 2023!


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