ALB Employer of Choice 2023

Fresh from Eid al-Fitr holiday break, we are thrilled to announce that UMBRA has been named as one of ALB Employers of Choice 2023!


The ALB Employer of Choice 2023 survey provides a comprehensive evaluation of law firms’ employee experience, encompassing all roles, including non-legal positions. The survey delves into a broad spectrum of topics, from career advancement opportunities and mentorship programs to other factors that contribute to a fulfilling career. We are honored that our team members have given us such high ratings in these areas.


Since our inception, we always want to create a different law firm for a different era by writing down our working principles in the ten commandments of our Lawyers’ Compact (a glimpse of these principles can be accessed at: We understand that any great institution must start with a clear purpose, and this is especially true for law firms where being a lawyer is not merely a job, but a profession, a way of life, an identity.


While the profession is indeed full of challenges, it does not mean that we cannot perform our work in a way that is fun, rewarding, and most importantly, inspiring. Setting upfront our purpose of being a law firm that gets things done for our clients, creating an environment where everyone can thrive, and fostering a culture that values our employees’ contributions, celebrates their individuality, and gives zero tolerance to petty office politics, are some of our ways to ensure that we stay on top in recruiting and growing the best talents.


Thank you once again to our lawyers and staff for their unwavering dedication and commitment. We are eager to build upon this success and work closely with our team to create an even better workplace for the future!


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#NoFirmLikeUs #WeMasterTheGame



Pramudya A. Oktavinanda, PhD
Managing Partner