Workshop and Legal Opinion Competition – Merger & Acquisition 101

The acquisition is one of the corporate actions that always give challenges every party involved. As one of the largest law firms in Indonesia, UMBRA is always committed to providing the best for the next generation, especially for fresh law students in Indonesia.


On 6th November 2022, the UMBRA Corporate, Commercial, and Investment team had the opportunity to contribute to the Business Law Community Universitas Gadjah Mada Workshop and Legal Opinion Competition with the theme of “Merger & Acquisition 101: Limited Liability Company Acquisition to Accelerate the Hotel & Tourism Industry in Indonesia.” Our senior partner Poppy Cut Rahmasuci and our associate Trianda Kusuma delivered a thorough and insightful presentation regarding the important aspects of the acquisition process and a general understanding of drafting a legal opinion in relation to the acquisition project. The discussion went pretty well, along with the enthusiasm of the participants who were very eager to ask and discuss the relevant topics.


We are also delighted to announce that our Associates Christopher Matthew L.M.T. Sirait and Ayska Karissa who have the experience to represent clients both national and international are appointed to become juries for the Internal BLC FH UGM legal opinion competition. We believe that this honorable opportunity could increase every participant’s skill, especially in writing legal opinions, critical analysis skills, and legal thinking


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Poppy Cut Rahmasuci
Senior Partner