BLS FHUI External Study – Understanding Personal Data Protection Law and its Future Impact

We were delighted that Poppy Cut Rahmasuci, our Senior Partner from Corporate Commercial and Investment team, and our Associate Ayska Karissa had a valuable discussion with Business Law Society FH UI and the public regarding data protection law on 4th November 2022.


The Webinar entitled “Understanding Personal Data Protection Law and its Future Impact” was really important to discuss as there are a couple of new aspects regarding personal data protection that are regulated in the new Law No. 27 of 2022 on Personal Data Protection (PDP Law). Our discussion went fruitful, along with the enthusiasm of the participants who were very eager to ask and discuss regarding the new personal data protection regulation, specifically regarding data processing.


We are glad that throughout the webinar, we were allowed to exchange thoughts, knowledge, and experiences with the participants. In relation to the webinar topic, we hope that the PDP Law could be further implemented along with its implementing regulations in order to the personal data protection regulation would be more comprehensive.


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Poppy Cut Rahmasuci
Senior Partner