Telkom and Microsoft Collaborate to Accelerate Digital Transformation and Enable Indonesia’s Digital Sovereignty

Congratulations to PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk and Microsoft for kicking off the strategic partnership!

Led by Pramudya A. Oktavinanda, our Managing Partner and Head of M&A, TMT and Restructuring practice group, assisted by Dhea G. Pramesti and Rahma H. Amalia, we are proud to assist Telkom Indonesia in structuring and negotiating its strategic partnership with Microsoft. The collaboration between these 2 tech-giants is intended to make positive impact in digitalized Indonesia across multiple pillars – improvement of intelligent infrastructure, acceleration of digital and cloud-based transformation within Telkom Group, and ultimately, achievement of strategic initiatives across Indonesia’s B2X market through various sectors and market segments. Partnered with Microsoft, Telkom Group is hoping to improve productivity and operation efficiency, enhance work process automation, create values and innovation, and drive strategic solutions addressing various market needs, which then, eventually elevate customer experience.

The collaboration marks a new milestone for Indonesia’s digital industry and is officiated in Microsoft’s HQ in Seattle attended by Vice Minister II of State-Owned Enterprise, Microsoft’s CEO and Telkom’s CEO. It is a pleasure indeed to continue leaving our footprints in Indonesian historic deals and congratulations again for all parties involved!

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