Coal Metal Asia Magazine Vol.133 Article: Presidential Regulation on Carbon Pricing Issued

We are pleased to share our recent publication re: “Presidential Regulation on Carbon Pricing Issued” was featured in Coal Asia volume 133.

Our power and renewables partner Kirana Sastrawijaya and counsel Nindya Novianty and associates Angela Vania Rustandi and Shafira Hexagraha discuss the long-awaited Presidential Regulation No. 98 of 2021 on Carbon Pricing for Achieving National Determined Contribution (NDC) Target and Controlling GHG Emission in National Development (PR 98/2021). PR 98/2021 aims to serve as an overarching regulation for controlling climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emission (GHG) through carbon pricing.

Carbon pricing under PR 98/2021 comprises, among others, carbon trading, result-based payment and carbon levy. PR 98/2021 also introduces GHG Emission Reduction Certificate which is required for carbon pricing activities.

Please access the article here: OPINI UMBRA

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