Webinar – Legal Insight on New RUPTL: Implications for Electricity Business

We are honoured to have our power and renewable partner Kirana Sastrawijaya, to participate as one of the speakers in a webinar themed “Legal Insight on New RUPTL: Implications for Electricity Business” which was held by Petromindo.


During this webinar, Kirana discussed the investment potential on NRE power projects in Indonesia under PLN’s RUPTL (2021-2030), the key changes on the current RUPTL, the development plan of each of the NRE sources, involvement plan of private sectors in power generation under the RUPTL, PLN’s strategies to meet NRE energy mix target by 2030, as well as procurement and tariff for NRE power projects.


Thank you Petromindo for having us in the discussion. We are excited to be involved in the further implementation of PLN’s RUPTL (2021-2030) to unlock the potential investment for the development of NRE power projects in Indonesia.