Zero-Waste 4 the Future


What is it about?

In light of our 4th Anniversary this November, 🥳 we will be celebrating our journey with a cause. In this year’s celebration, we are going to highlight waste management as one of the central environmental issues. 🌱🌳



Why are we doing this?

We are fully aware of the state we are in—Indonesia is in a state of waste emergency. 175,000 tons of waste is produced everyday with 69% of them is going to the landfill (Ministry of Environment and Forestry, 2015). With such massive amount of waste produced and poor waste management, our landfills are on the verge of overcapacity. Besides, disposal of waste to the landfills is hazardous for the environment as it releases methane that contributes to overall global emission and poses public health hazard including respiratory and digestion disease. 😷



What will we be doing?

Our campaign will take form in raising awareness efforts and participatory activities. First, we will issue a series of media campaign and legal insights on waste management in Indonesia. Secondly, we will also engage a discussion on opportunities and challenges of the current state of waste management with the relevant stakeholders. Lastly, we will also be engaging UMBRA’s team to take part in Waste4Change’s Send Your Waste Program. ♻️🗑


Send Your Waste Program


We would like to congratulate all the winners of the Waste4Change’s Send Your Waste program! The first winner goes to Putika Nuralida Herdin, followed by Leanna Leonardo, Naomi Elvienne, and Anisa Samwipi in second, third, and fourth place. We also received a huge amount of other creative videos and the voting process was competitive, so we also send our best gratitude to all the participants who took part in our campaign!


Send Your Waste challenge is a collaborative program between UMBRA and Waste4Change to celebrate our 4th Anniversary. Even though the challenge has ended, it is hoped that the good habit to recycle domestic waste will continue and spread. Recycling does not only reduce the amount of rubbish sent to landfills, but also reduce the need to consume natural resources, conserve important raw materials, and protect natural habitats for the future. If we know how to manage our waste responsibly, it will give the best outcome for the environment and society. As we also believe that #smallchangematters, in a long run, we hope that our small contributions will also help in tackling climate change for a sustainable future.


Let’s start your Send Your Waste journey!



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