Webinar – Contract Drafting in a Geothermal Power Purchase Agreement

Our power and renewable partner, Kirana Sastrawijaya, supported by Angela Vania RustandiDavin Rizky Abdurahman, and Yorda Lazuardi recently participated as speakers in the workshop of the 11th Business Law Competition: Piala Hafni Sjahruddin Fakultas Hukum Universitas Indonesia (BLC FH UI) on the “Contract Drafting in a Geothermal Power Purchase Agreement.” BLC FH UI and one of the most prestigious business law competitions in Indonesia for undergraduate law students from universities across Indonesia compete on a legal opinion competition, a contract drafting and negotiation competition, and a paper presentation competition.


On the first day, Vania and Davin discussed the legal framework of geothermal power projects and risks commonly arise in the development of geothermal power projects in Indonesia. On the second day, Kirana and Yorda discussed the legal aspects of geothermal power purchase agreements and also led a focus group discussion on how to draft a geothermal power purchase agreement to help the participants in their competition.


We are pleased to see the excitement and eagerness from all the participants in the workshop. We hope our sessions can help them to better understand the geothermal energy landscape in Indonesia.