Dinda I. Khamasasyiah (Asya) has been nominated as Hukumonline’s NeXGen Lawyers 2021

We are proud to announce that our Dinda Khamasasyiah has been nominated as Hukumonline’s NeXGen Lawyers 2021 from UMBRA. Hukumonline’s NeXGen Lawyers 2021 is special coverage for young women legal consultants who inspire the community, held by Hukumonline.com, one of the reliable online legal news platforms in Indonesia.

This year, they chose the theme “Beyond Resilience During Times of Change” to capture the efforts, tactics, and successes of tough women consultants in responding, surviving, and adapting to various changes. Asya, together with UMBRA’s project & infrastructure and banking & finance teams, successfully closed the 2020’s most prominent project financing deal last December.

Kirana Sastrawijaya, our Project & Infrastructure practice group partner, added that UMBRA’s lawyers should be able to excel at the latest legal and market development despite ages, “..This is certainly not easy, especially when transactions are carried out in the midst of a pandemic with many limitations. We at UMBRA believe that age is just a number. Asya proves this!” concluded Kirana.

We thank the parties involved for giving this big opportunity to us and proving our core value that age does not matter, so long as we put our best effort and relevant knowledge.

See: https://bit.ly/3eKMixd