ILUNI FHUI’s Alumni Class Festival – Start-Up Establishment and Funding: A Practical Approach

UMBRA’s Managing Partner Pramudya A. Oktavinanda will be speaking this coming Saturday at the ILUNI FHUI’s Alumni Class Festival where various law firms will discuss some of their recent major deals and the lessons learned from those deals.


In this workshop, Pramudya will share his insights on major issues related to the establishment and funding of start-ups, including: (i) pathways for establishing start-ups (business spin-off vs completely new JVs), (ii) design of shareholder agreement with multiple stakeholders (management control versus shareholder control), (iii) value creation for start-up business beyond cash funding (assets and business cooperation schemes), and (iv) governance and investment structure for subsequent funding rounds (how to deal with new investors and keep existing investors happy).


The workshop is free for public! Please register at: and we look forward to see you all on Saturday!

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