Webinar – Permasalahan dan Sengketa Kontrak Konstruksi

Construction projects are often associated with intricacy and multidisciplinary. Hence, the existence of conflicts is unavoidable, and having deep understanding on the conflicts, how to prevent and resolve them is paramount for the projects’ sustainability. As part of our commitment to provide in-depth training for our clients, we held a webinar on “Permasalahan dan Sengketa Kontrak Konstruksi“ for  on 13 November 2020. The webinar was participated by our Senior Partner, Liyanto Wijaya, who delivered a comprehensive understanding on construction contract under the latest legal framework, complemented by a thorough explanation on construction dispute resolution mechanism provided by our Partner, Melati Siregar.

We thank you PT KAI (Persero) for having us in the webinar and we do hope that our webinar brings substantive insights to PT KAI (Persero) in both preventing and handling construction disputes.

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