Webinar – Biomass Fuel Mix in Power Generation: Prospects & Challenges

Recently, our power and renewable partner, Kirana Sastrawijaya, supported by Dinda Imani Khamasasyiah, participated in a webinar held by Petromindo on Biomass Fuel Mix in Power Generation: Prospects & Challenges.

During this webinar, Kirana discussed the legal framework for biogas, biomass, and biofuel industries in Indonesia, including latest changes on the regulations related to the sector. It was a very insightful discussion where the webinar also discussed co-firing and biomass potential in Indonesia, the standard of biomass specification for energy source, business scheme of ecosystem biomass supply chain, economic & environmental implications of the biomass commercialization, challenge of biomass fuel mix to power generation, power plant conversion or adaptation, parameter of adjustment, including from the co-firing mechanism.

Thank you Petromindo for having us in the discussion. We are excited to be involved in the further progress of the application of bioenergy in Indonesia!

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