Webinar – Implication of Omnibus Law on Mining and Energy Sector

Petromindo recently held a webinar re: “Implication of Omnibus Law on Mining and Energy Sector”. We are honored to have our power and energy senior partner, Kirana Sastrawijaya, supported by Qamelya Risma, to participate as one of the panelists to discuss the implication of the amendment to the Electricity Law by the Omnibus Law.

During the discussion, Kirana conveyed the key items on the changes to the Electricity Law, how it will impact the electricity sector, and the proposed provisions to the draft implementing regulations to the electricity sector which pursuant to the Omnibus Law will need to be issued within 3 months since the enactment of the Omnibus Law.

Power sector is one of the main focusses of our firm. We are very happy we could continue making contribution on this sector.

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