Webinar – An Autopsy on a Data Privacy Case

In the continuous rise of technology integration for daily aspects of life, personal data has become one of the hottest commodities in the market. Within this framework,  has collaborated with KECILIN in a Webinar Session to promote awareness on Data Privacy Protection.

Under the topic of “An Autopsy on a Data Privacy Case”, Ahmad Zakaria and Leanna Leonardo presented the broad legal issues of Data Privacy protection in Indonesia, including the recent case studies on data privacy. Following the discussion from the legal perspective, Damar Juniarto (Executive Director of SAFEnet) has also discussed the deeper understanding of data privacy based on the most recent research conducted by SAFEnet. Encapsulating the discussion, Sandy Priyatna (Head of Product Development at Kecilin) also shared several important features we can use to protect our data privacy.

Whilst the existing Data Privacy regulations appear to be insufficient, the discussion has successfully gathered the thoughts on Data Privacy and subsequently widened participants’ perspective on Data Privacy in Indonesia. UMBRA is delighted to be a part of this fruitful discussion.

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