Webinar – Resolving Shareholder Disputes: Domestic and International Perspectives

Business expansion often requires companies to source funding by equity participation. With growing number of shareholders, disputes become inevitable, e.g. contradicting views over the management and direction of the company, personal problems among the shareholders affecting business relationships, conflict of interests, or concerns over certain activities by its director. Our globalized world has seen various complex structures of companies with shareholders from various parts of the world, hence adding more complications for resolution of disputes arising among themselves. Noting this phenomenon, UMBRA – Strategic Legal Solutions, Osborne Clarke, and Singapore International Mediation Centre jointly hold this webinar on “Resolving Shareholder Disputes: Domestic and International Perspectives” to discuss the current trends in shareholder disputes, factors to be considered by companies and investors faced with such disputes, available dispute resolution fora (mediation, arbitration and court litigation), and efficient strategies to resolve the disputes.


Wednesday, October 7, 2020

4 PM Singapore Time | 3 PM Jakarta Time