Webinar “Will the New Mining Law Boost Smelter Development”

On 17th June 2020, our mining partner, Reggy Firmansyah spoke in a webinar hosted by Petromindo and Coal Asia, with the topic of “Will the New Mining Law Boost Smelter Development”. Reggy Firmansyah presented the future of downstream mining industry under the recently promulgated Law No. 3 of 2020 on the Amendment of Law No. 4 of 2009 on the Mineral and Coal Mining, particularly regarding the processing and refining of mineral and development and utilization of coal, as well and transport and sales of mineral and coal.

As always, it is our pleasure to participate in this event, and we sincerely hope that this new law would significantly improve not only the greenfield exploration, but also the post-processing of the mining commodities in Indonesian mining industry, as the government intended.

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