UMBRA Law Firm adopts Luminance’s artificial intelligence in Indonesia

We are proud to announce that UMBRA has become the first Indonesian law firm to adopt a leading artificial intelligence platform for due diligence created by Luminance AI.

Luminance is a London-based company whose software is trained by legal experts & mathematicians from Cambridge University and is designed to help legal practitioners to collaborate in real time using pattern recognition and machine intelligence. In short, Luminance understands language in documents by context and content, and not just by searching for certain words.

We believe that innovation in the legal profession is crucial to remain at the forefront of this sector, especially to face the challenge brought by the age of disruption. Adopting such pioneering technology to improve the quality of our legal services is simply the logical consequence of our vision of being a different kind of law firm.

We decided to invest our resources through collaboration with Luminance as we believe the incorporation of technology which can read & understand all types of documents much faster than humans allows more time for analytical thinking which our clients value so highly.

It is time to bring a revolution to legal due diligence exercise!

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