Graduation of Our Managing Partner

We are happy to congratulate the graduation of our Managing Partner, Pramudya A. Oktavinanda, from the University of Chicago Law School PhD program, being the first Indonesian to graduate from this prestigious program and earning the academic title of Doctor of Jurisprudence with his dissertation titled: Interpreting Immutable Legal Texts – The Posnerian Pragmatism of Islamic Law.

We hope Pram’s rigorous education and training in the arts of Law & Economics at the University of Chicago can further grow the pragmatist and commerciality mindset in UMBRA, ensuring that each of our lawyers is committed and capable of delivering high quality legal services, satisfying our most important principle, getting things done for our clients.

Given the ever increasing complexity of the world, we believe that it is imperative for lawyers to expand their knowledge and skills beyond the law itself. In such case, proper understanding of the basic principles of economics and how human behave in condition of scarcity will greatly assist lawyers in handling sophisticated business transactions.