Conference on Ministerial Regulation No. 82/2017 on the Requirement of Coal and Export and Import to Use Domestic Vessels and Insurance Companies

31 January 2018 at Aryaduta Hotel (a one-day conference hosted by Petromindo) – Our senior partner of UMBRA – Kirana Sastrawijaya presented on the legal implications and explored possible strategic legal solutions in relation to implementation of Ministerial Regulation No. 82/2017 on the obligations to Use National Sea Carriage Companies and Insurance Companies for Coal and CPO Exporters.


The presentation discussed, among other things, whether the newly enacted regulation requires the use of of Indonesian flagged vessels or only requires use of Indonesian sea carriage companies for coal/CPO exporters, and how the regulation should be implemented in its connection with applicable FOB or CIF terms of delivery. Please contact or if you require the presentation materials.