UMBRA – Strategic Legal Solutions (“UMBRA”) is an independent law firm established by lawyers from one of the largest and leading law firms in Indonesia. Having spent more than a decade in serving major local and international clients, we reach a genuine understanding of what our clients expect from their lawyers. They demand nothing but the exceptional ones. We get that. In fact, we love such challenge and take it seriously into consideration when we decide to use UMBRA as our name. Derived from the classical Latin, UMBRA is a highly versatile word associated with multiple meanings, among others, shadow, secure, safety, and care; reflecting the core philosophy of our firm, namely, to work relentlessly behind the scene in securing our clients’ best interest with due care.


UMBRA’s lawyers are passionate and highly dedicated in serving the needs of our clients. Our goal is more than simply becoming your ordinary legal advisor, we aim to exceed your highest expectations, we strive to get things done, we want to be your trusted advisor. To do so, we carefully recruit and rigorously train our talents to ensure that they can consistently meet our standards of excellence in client service, legal knowledge, and business acumen.


Indeed, we are not conventional lawyers. We help our clients in navigating regulatory complexities, identifying and managing their risks and liabilities, evaluating the relevant considerations for taking well-informed decisions, and most importantly, getting their deals done. Our advice always takes into consideration the strategic nature of business and the immense needs of our clients to see solutions, turning legal problems into new opportunities. Hence, the reason why we put Strategic Legal Solutions behind our name.


Moreover, our lawyers have worked on and completed some of the largest, toughest,  and most sophisticated national and cross-border transactions covering multiple industries and regulatory authorities, allowing us to have a solid working relationship with numerous Indonesian government agencies, state-owned enterprises and key industry players; a valuable relationship which we would be happy to share with our clients for further collaboration. The experience of handling those complex deals also enables us to deal with whatever situation that our clients might face in running their business and proposed transactions. We simply know what we are doing, having a rich understanding of Indonesia’s unique business and legal culture.


Simultaneously, though we offer a full-service capability, we choose to maintain a relatively small size of team. We focus on matters that require the attention, extensive experience and sophistication of our partners, matters that are important and critical to our clients. As such, we often limit the number and type of matters we undertake to ensure that we can give the proper attention that our clients deserve. Nevertheless, we faithfully practice team-work in whatever we do, ensuring that there is a high degree of understanding and collaboration among our lawyers and allowing us to provide a solid and complete team that will be able to assist our clients in any deals, regardless of size and complexity. For cross-border deals, we maintain close relationships with numerous respectable international law firms in providing seamless integrated service to our clients whenever such service is necessary.